Robier Acebo

Robier Acebo


Robier Acebo was born in Havana, Cuba. When he was seven years old, some friends of his family helped to facilitate his entry into the United States, and he landed in the Miami airport in May of 1989. Through a long process of events, he arrived in Buford, Georgia in 1996. It was a culture shock, to say the least, but eventually the lights of Miami dimmed and the slower pace of Buford became normal to this young man left alone in the world. It was rough at first, and he had to live in his vehicle for about four months, but eventually Robier saved enough money from his grocery store job to start renting a small home in the area. Around this time he joined a local church assembly, and with the help of this new church family, he began a turnaround in his life.

He attributes his success in life to both God and the selfless people who have invested in him through the years. He started a new job, and began to work his way up the ladder in a small pest control company, always keeping the goal to begin his own service company down the road. But when he broke his leg in 2004 that goal changed, and Robier started to focus on Information Technology (IT). He accepted a new job, and worked his way up to a dual role as Executive Assistant to the Owner and IT Manager at a thriving company. He was able to gain knowledge not only through Gwinnett Tech, but also through his work experience. He became proficient in designing, installing, and managing a complex network of remote and local offices and users. Due to the poor economy in 2012-2013, and much to his superiors' reluctance, his position at this company had to be dissolved.

In September of 2013, out of necessity and being tired of hearing "You're overqualified!" after interviews, Robier launched CBN Technologies. The main purpose of this new venture was to help small businesses with IT needs. Needless to say, there was a high demand for this type of service, and Robier's expertise and rapport with his customers began to expand his business into a thriving enterprise. The company continues to grow each year, and as it does, Robier is growing with it in both experience and proficiency. One of the many things that he has learned through the years is to develop relationships. This has been key to the growth of his business.

His philosophy is, "It's not what someone can do for you, it's what you can do for someone else." With this type of winning attitude, Robier has proven to be a great asset to all that partner with him.

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